The attached recording is of an original song written by me and recorded in a Mechanicsburg recording studio accompanied by Ralph Stoner.

I played the song about a week after the accident at a rally in a hotel near the Harrisburg airport when Helen Caldicott flew in to speak, and Ralph and I performed it at several anti-nuclear rallies.

Listen: TMI and the Nuclear Lie, by Donald Kovacs and Ralph Stoner

Also, at the time of the accident I was a family medicine resident at Harrisburg Hospital. I remember helping to discharge as many patients as we safely could from the hospital. In the subsequent 37 years I was in private practice in Boiling Springs. My partner and I noted a surprising increase in the number of cases of Thyroid Cancer we started seeing in the 90s and beyond. This is the most common cancer one would expect from a partial meltdown spewing radioactive iodine.